Dear Sirs,

The foundation of this company is its own high quality nursery production. This production currently consists of a very large selection of nearly all the varieties and sizes of plants commonly cultivated for the European market, as well as many which may not be found elsewhere. For export, our main focus is on producing: trees which have been at least 5x transplanted, specimen shrubs and large conifers.

We have an extremely large selection of very high quality, well cultivated trees between 50 and 90 cm girth, at heights ranging between 7 and 14 meters. A particular emphasis is put on cultivating single specimen trees, grown on an extra wide spacing, in unusual sizes and varieties. We also have a large number and great variety of trees in the more common girth sizes between 18 and 50 cm.

In addition to these plants, we also grow a great many of the products typically associated with the Oldenburg area: Large flowering Rhododendron hybrids, deciduous and evergreen Azaleas, evergreen trees and shrubs and the better varieties of conifers, fast and slow growing, from both cuttings and grafts.

VF-Plants from Falkenhayn - Quality in green®

Our company slogan is:
VF-Pflanzen von Falkenhayn - Qualität in Grün ®
or: VF-Plants from Falkenhayn - Quality in green®

In this respect, we would welcome your enquiries, and are always happy to help you solve any problems you may have in finding the plants which your projects require. Everyone knows how difficult it can be to find the right quality plant at the right price. We are certain that by making our export experience work to your advantage, we can ensure that you are delighted with both.

We look forward to hearing from you by either: telephone, fax or e-mail. lf you are in our area, you are more than welcome to visit the nursery. We look forward to meeting you.

Yours Sincerely

Achim von Falkenhayn


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